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Since 2010, we provide clients with outsourcing services work at the warehouse, manufacturing, trade, construction. The company “BKF” is a reliable and honest partner.

We help our clients to quickly and effectively solve recruiting problems due to the capabilities of HR outsourcing. However, we recommend to clients only those candidates who truly have the necessary experience, have proved themselves in previous jobs, I understand the responsibility this kind of work. Our company is to provide personnel ready to take on the staffing of a specific production process or the performance of the company in the complex. The plan of cooperation with each client is built after a careful study of the work of the enterprise.

We offer search of employees for:

production facilities;
Services recruitment: what are the advantages of outsourcing?

This approach to the solution of human problems – one of the most effective and up to date. Discard the contents of their own personnel and from random agencies, contact reliable, tested, well-proven company recruiter. This will help significantly to save, and most importantly – to provide the company employees in the amount which is necessary depending on the phases of the production cycle.

The company “BKF” works with clients in Kazan and regions and offers:

Reasonable prices with consistently high quality services. We are focused on long-term partnerships with every customer, so we try to offer favorable terms of cooperation.
Special, thoughtful approach to each situation. Before offering solutions, we study the work of the customer and listen to his wishes.
A team of specialists in finding staff. We use reliable, proven methods, and carefully monitor the results of their work.
A variety of solutions. We are working with tasks of any size and complexity.
Looking for the staff? Submit your application now and take advantage of outsourcing!